All Day To Do Nothing, Or Everything

Amenities Fit For A Resort

Villas Del Mar looks like a luxury neighborhood, feels like a thriving community, and treats its residents to five-star amenities every day. We’ve even perfected the fine art of relaxing, with an array of services designed to help you get the most out of doing the least!.

Farmers Market

Every Tuesday we host Espiritu Farmers Market where local produce and products are available such as seafood, organic poultry & meat, delicious bread & pastries, and more. While shopping remember to grab a slice, or two, of our delicious gourmet pizza as a treat for those looking to support the local producers. Available seasonally.

Pickle Ball Courts

Our brand new pickleball courts are the hotspot within our gates. This sport brings together a lot of neighbors who are really into it, becoming a social spot where you can meet new people and find the perfect sports partner to play.

Club Espiritu - Health & Fitness

A exclusive retreat with incredible views will keep you going either you are a starter or a pro athlete, this will become your new sanctuary. Schedule your next spa session, tennis class or just show up to have a nice training, you will love the energetic but at the same time relaxed vibe.

Espiritu Kids Park

Great activities for the youngest, Espiritu park has plenty options for them such as basketball, soccer, playful water fountains, tennis lessons and much more to do in a place where they can meet new friends.


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