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Incomparable Service Day in And Day Out, Even On Days You’re Not Here

Maintaining value and quality are paramount to owning a resort home. At Villas Del Mar, we offer every convenience, so that from the moment you arrive, you can be fully in the moment – relaxing and enjoying your home.

A Taste Of Culture by Tequila Clase Azul

Discover the history and traditions that inspire the Clase Azul collection as you savor their distinct tasting notes and aromas that make Clase Azul exceptional. This vibrant event, designed with experience collectors in mind, will introduce you to five of our icons and will provide you with a new and memorable perspective on the complex, rich and...

Chefs & Butlers

Local dining is one of the great treasures of Mexico, and a true luxury is having a skilled chef onsite to prepare special meals during your visit. In addition, the services of a well trained butler make every day even more of a pleasure.

In-Residence Spa Services

Life at Villas Del Mar is intended to be stress-free. To keep it that way we offer a full array of spa services and treatments where they are most convenient for you. Whether that’s in your rental, or Club Espiritu, or the One&Only Palmilla, the choices are yours.

Events Coordination

Thinking about throwing a party, a small gathering or romantic dinner. We can make it happen in a unique venue and amazing setting. Pick a theme and we will deliver an unforgettlable event.

Covid Testing

We will arrange a Covid Testing at your home whenever you need it. Now as a mandatory step to fly to some countries you can be tested without leaving your villa.

Cooking Classes at Espiritu Organic Garden

A hands on experience for all to enjoy! Discover and savor authentic pre-hispanic food, learn how to make great tortillas, ceviche, tacos, whatever you have in mind, we have the perfect teacher for you.


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